Who We Are

     China Textile Planning Institute of Construction (CTPIC) is a national-level engineering consulting firm that serves the Chinese and global textile and garment industry. We have focused on the textile and garment industry over 30 years and achieved the A-level national qualifications on engineering consulting and construction supervision. CTPIC is the member of Member Association of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and China National Association of Engineering Consultants (CNAEC). 

    Our mission is to become the top think-tank for Chinese textile and garment industry. Over 30 years, we served the central government from the 9th Five-year Plan to the 13th Five-year Plan for the national textile and garment industry. We served the local government departments, where we provided medium and long term development strategies for local textile and garment industry. We also served a broad mix of private, public and stated-owned companies, where we provided professional advices on management strategies, marketing analysis, investment project feasibility and funding applications. We served clients abroad such as the governments of Ethiopia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Turkmenistan in their development of textile and garment industries. 

    Our wholly-owned subsidiary CFCS has the A-level national qualifications on construction supervision. The main business is construction supervision and project management in petrochemistry, housing-building, mechanical and electrical installation. CFCS has gained a good reputation in petrochemistry construction supervision, especially in PTA projects.
Define Our People
We invest tremendous resources in recruiting exceptional people, developing their skills, and creating an environment that fosters their growths as leaders. Our people have rich professional backgrounds in polymers, textile, garment, economics, management, finance, urban design, IT and so on. 80% of our people are engineers and senior engineers. We have a team of experts including university professors, scholars, researchers, engineers and company managers, who have rich work experience in textile and garment industries. Our people’s diversity of background, discipline and outlook ensures our clients receive a deep and broad expertise.

What We Do

Industry Research

Global industrial policy, environment, and development trend research
National medium and long term development planning on textile and garment industry
Medium and long term development planning on industrial clusters
Sub-sectors planning and research
Industrial hot issues research

Industrial Park Planning

Industrial park development planning
Industrial park overall planning
Industrial park control detailed planning
Industrial park operation management planning
Sub-sectors (infrastructure, utilities, public service) planning

Engineering Consulting

Project construction planning
Projects proposals 
Projection feasibility reports
Projection application reports
Funding application reports
Project evaluation consultation
Bidding consultation

IPO Consulting

Industry research
Investment opportunity research
IPO project feasibility research
Due diligence reports

Management consulting

Strategy consulting Quality managementEnergy-saving and emission-reduction
Company structure Commercial marge and acquisition
Marketing Salary system
Manufacturing and operation Supply chain
Quality management

Construction supervision

Whole-process supervision on petrochemical project construction
Whole-process supervision on housing building
Whole-process supervision on mechanical and electrical installation

International services

Textile and garment industry planning and research Human resources training
Abroad industrial park planning Engineering consulting and management consulting
International investment Construction supervision
Abroad IPO
International commercial acquisition

What We Have Done

Projects we did in recent years:

Contact Us

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Mailbox: ctpic@ctpic.com.cn
Address: 603, Block A, Xiaoyun Center, 15 Xiaguangli, Chaoyang District, Beijing
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